About Us

Foursight Games designs and manufactures card games and board games.
Founded by four gaming friends, we strive to provide fun, exciting and intelligent games for the board game enthusiasts. We hope you enjoy all we have to offer!


Robert “Dr. Bob” Nicaise  –  Jeff “XL” Hale  –  Jeff Baker  –  Jamie Kelly

Robert Nicaise

Robert grew up playing “normal” card games, such as Hearts and Spades.  As a teenager he became interested in fantasy and science fiction which led to Dungeons & Dragons and strategy board gaming.  As a young adult he started a game store called Dr. Bob’s Game Shop which was open for almost 10 years.  Robert, Jamie, Jeff XL, and Jeff met through the store.  He worked as an independent contractor for Wizards of the Coast, and later Hasbro, as a tournament organizer, running tournaments in Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi.  Now he works in the finance and accounting department of a military contractor.

Jeff Hale

Born of a human mother and a sasquatch father, Jeff “XL” is really the glue that holds Foursight Games together through sheer strength of personality.  As a young “Halfsquatch”  Jeff was entranced when he found out books were for reading and not for eating.  Soon he was reading Science Fiction and Fantasy and playing Dungeons and Dragons.  From there he intimidated people into playing board games with him.  People are afraid of him.  You should be too.  He wants you to back Fate of Akalon: Tribes.  You  probably should.

Jeff Baker

Jeff has always been a fan of boardgames, card games, and role-playing games.  From AD&D 1st Edition to chess to Illuminati there is not a game that he would not be willing to play.  As a High School Math and Computer Science teacher for 23 years, he was very excited when he was offered the opportunity to teach a class on gaming at his school as part of the school’s Entertainment Technology Academy.  As part of the Foursight Games team he is looking forward to the release of Fate of Akalon: Tribes.

Jamie Kelly

Armed with a background in engineering and mathematics, Jamie enjoys the game theory aspects of tabletop games.  As a former top ten Magi-Nation Duel CCG player, he loves searching for the best strategies in every game he plays.  Jamie works on game rules, mechanics, simulation and graphic art as a member of Foursight Games.  Some of his favorite games include: Dominion, Imperial, Quantum, and Agricola.

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