Jeff Hale and Jeff Baker will be attending MACE in Charlotte, NC November 13-15.  The Jeffs will represent Foursight Games and demo Fate of Akalon : Tribes!  MACE (Mid Atlantic Convention Expo) is a table top gaming convention and one of the largest such cons in the Carolina area.

Player Counts

Fate of Akalon: Tribes will be a 2-4 player game. While the “core” experience is as a two player game, we have worked really hard play testing to make sure the game is fun and balanced at all player counts. What is your favorite player count in games?

Games as Art

Do you view games as art?  I am not just talking about the art in the game, but the game itself.  Is a designer board game just entertainment media to be consumed? Or is their a deeper level at which the game is a piece of art?  What do you think?


As things start to come together on a project like FoA: Tribes, it becomes harder and harder to wait for the finished product. We are so excited about the artwork, the graphic design of the cards, and the development of the Tribes and stories of Akalon. We have so much cool stuff that we can’t wait for everybody to see, but the reality is that “timing is everything” so we have to move out at a more sedate and calculated pace. Buuuuuutttt!!!! I really want you all the see the cool stuff that is coming your way now! Oh well, I’ll just have to learn to live with the anticipation….

The Story of Akalon

For 14 years an ever growing storm has raged across the continent of Akalon. A hot scouring wind has turned the center of Akalon into a barren wasteland. Forced to abandon their once vibrant cities, verdant fields, and lush forests, the races of Akalon have fled north to seek a new home beyond the safety of the towering Kazak Mountains. The dwarves, since time unwritten, have inhabited the Kazak Mountains and jealously guard that which they have. The Dwarves do not welcome these newcomers to their lands and fight to turn them away. Meanwhile the migrating races must compete for the limited resources of the habitable lands north of the mountains. A constant war of survival rages between these desperate tribes and now strange magic has raised the dead, who seem intent on nothing but destruction. Welcome to Akalon…